Our Approach

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Body Work & Massage

Relaxation brings focus
  • Retraining cellular memory
  • Relief of stress
  • Energetic Shift
  • Healing

Spiritual Direction

Deepen your journey with God
  • explore the spiritual aspect of being human
  • explore how God touches your life
  • spiritual directors companion with you
  • explore how the Holy Spirit directs your life
  • spiritual direction is the art of journeying consciously with God

What our customers are saying...

“Thanks for all you have done for me and my family through your truly “soul soothing” massage therapy and spiritual guidance.  Stacy, you are an authentic person with many special gifts.  I have been your client for nearly 3 years now, and could not imagine a better holistic therapist than you.  You intuitively know right where my aches and pains are (physical and emotional) and more importantly, how to heal them.  My back and shoulders are free from chronic pain great thanks to your massage techniques.  This is such a relief for me since I have suffered with back pain/surgery for nearly 25 years. To add, your extra caring attention to my whole body and soul and heart are always welcome. Thanks again for all you do caring for all of God’s creations.

Your most grateful client,

—Lisa M. Bease 

"I began therapy with Stacy to help relieve pain in my jaw, neck and shoulder areas. From the first session, I knew Stacy would be able to put me on the path to physical and emotional healing. Stacy is professional, has great knowledge and understanding of the human body and provides excellent care. During each session, Stacy is able to identify the problem areas and give me every day tips on how to keep my body healthy on and on the path to recovery. Every time I walk out of Stacy’s sessions, I am grateful for the decreased pain in all areas, more mobility and a greater feeling of peace."

— Lei M.


Just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed and appreciated our Saturday event.  You are all such amazing women and I have enormous admiration for all you do and have done for our veterans.
Thank you for allowing me to share my pain and frustration... even through the tears.  I really loved all the activities.  Each one was unique and helpful to me.  My core was sore Sunday but I felt great with my bracelet on.  🙂
Thank you again!!

— Susan

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